Almost as soon as a Genesis Plus test lamp was available, we had two Canadian gold mines wanting to upgrade to this new Dual-Beam technology. What made them so eager?

It wasn’t that their Genesis lamps were older – one of the mines had used them for less than a year – the reason lay in the flexibility of the Dual-Beam technology. With three beam patterns, a low-light setting and Dynamic Turbo-Bright, the Genesis Plus gives miners the right light for every job they do.

The focused spot, NLT’s original beam pattern, is ideal for illuminating headings or objects in the distance. The wide-angle flood light is great for work on close-up surfaces, such as electrical panels, machine tools and blueprints. Dual-Beam, a combination of the two, is highly versatile and has been referred to as the “walking mode” since it gives the user distance illumination as well as peripheral lighting to help identify potential tripping hazards. Dynamic Turbo Bright, an added feature, increases light output in any of the three beam patterns by 40% for five minutes in up-to-three sessions for a total of 15 minutes. Designed to be short-term, this setting always guarantees a minimum of 13 hours of illumination in standard modes. Dynamic Turbo Bright proves highly useful in situations that require additional light.

The mines report that their miners have nothing but positive feedback after using the Genesis Plus. They especially appreciate the wide-angle flood light, which is great for up-close work and reduces eye fatigue. The next most-liked aspect was the Dual-Beam setting and its excellent peripheral illumination that highlights tripping hazards.

Mines happy with their Genesis lamps are adopting a hybrid approach. They are buying the Genesis Plus for mine workers doing close-up work, specifically electricians, mechanics and engineers. When they need new lamps, they replace them with the Genesis Plus.

The original Genesis was the first cordless cap lamp in the world to accommodate a tracking tag. The addition of Dual-Beam technology makes the Genesis Plus the most versatile cap lamp on the market. NLT’s partnership with most tracking solution providers enables mines globally to access this high-quality, durable and dependable cap lamp.

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