The practical and modular platform for better underground and industrial Wi-Fi.

IP67 and rugged, N-Connex is the fastest way to build a high-tech mine, enabling applications like tracking and analytics.

Digital Mine Software

Digital Mine Software is NLT’s solution for providing a visualized view of a mine’s operation in real-time. Through it’s web-based interface, it provides tracking, environmental monitoring, and other applications to stakeholders. Read more.

Dynamic Traffic Management

Real-time view of mine operations. Optimize traffic flow in the mine and give equipment operators advanced warning of vehicles and people around them.

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Intrinsically Safe Networking Solutions

Our intrinsically safe networking node configured to run on a fibre backbone; supports all voice, video and data communications. Available in Cisco configurations.


With N-Connex modular networks, as seen on Australia by Design: Innovation




Systems for the harsh underground.

Improve safety, communications, and productivity with our underground networking solutions. Learn how we serve:


Enabled by technology

Robust, award-winning personnel safety products. MSHA approved, tracking tag-ready, and high visibility lamps that miners prefer: