Featuring the Genesis Plus and Polaris Plus with Dual-Beam Technology

NLT’s breakthrough Dual-Beam technology makes our cap lamps the most versatile on the market and gives miners the right light for every job they do.

The Plus lamps feature three beam pattern options plus a Low-Light Setting:

  • Focused Spot – NLT’s traditional beam pattern
  • Wide-Angle Flood Light – a flat, even light; ideal for close-up work
  • Dual-Beam – combines both beam patterns to provide a center spot with great peripheral lighting
  • Low-Light Setting – reduces light output when needed (access Low-Light Setting by holding button down for one second)

PLUS Dynamic Turbo Bright

A new feature that increases light output in any of the three beam patterns by 40% for three minutes in up to five sessions (access Dynamic Turbo Bright by holding button down for two seconds)

Why Switch to Plus?

About the Genesis Plus:

Genesis launched a new genre, Smart Cap Lamps, when it debuted as the world’s first cordless cap lamp to accommodate a tracking tag. Now, the Genesis Plus combines the proven features of the original – ability to accommodate a tracking or proximity tag and customizable bidirectional communication – with Dual-Beam technology.

Designed for use in the harshest underground mining and tunneling operations, the rugged Genesis Plus has a water- and dust-resistant IP67 enclosure. It also has upgraded features, including a more powerful lithium-ion battery and improved LED technology which have increased its primary light output by 33% in this new model.

This cap lamp is an ideal choice for mines looking for a cordless lamp today with plans to introduce tracking in the future. NLT works with many of the world’s top solution providers to incorporate their RFID/Wi-Fi tracking and proximity tags into our all-in-one design.

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Smart Features in the Genesis Plus –

  • Tracking-tag (Wi-Fi or RFID) or proximity-tag enabled
  • Programmable cap lamp lights
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Integrated tag
  • Tag is powered by the lamp

About the Polaris Plus:

NLT’s advanced Dual-Beam technology is now available in its award-winning Polaris to create a bright, versatile cap lamp that provides the appropriate light for every job a miner does. Housed in a water- and dust-resistant IP67 enclosure, the cordless, compact Polaris Plus is ruggedly crafted for use in the harshest environments, including underground mining and tunneling operations. Its powerful lithium-ion battery and improved LED technology have increased the lamp’s primary output by 33%.

The battery and all components of the Genesis Plus and Polaris Plus are serviceable, increasing the life of the lamp, lowering the total cost of ownership and ultimately reducing waste. Check with your authorized NLT distributor or NLT for service or training.

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