For the last two years, NLT’s engineering team has been quietly working to complete a bold assignment: create an innovative cap lamp technology that meets the lighting needs of most all miners, no matter where they work or what type of job they do. In September 2021, NLT unveiled its new development at MINExpo: Dual-Beam in the Polaris Plus cap lamp.

Dual-Beam features three distinct beam pattern settings: Focused Spot – NLT’s traditional beam pattern; Wide-Angle Flood Light – a flat, even light that is ideal for close-up work; and Dual-Beam – a combination of both beam patterns to provide a center spot with great peripheral lighting. It also has a Low-Light Setting and an added feature, Dynamic Turbo Bright, which enables each of the three settings to have its light output increased by almost 40%. The multiple settings allow miners to select the exact beam pattern and brightness that works best for them and adjust it to meet the requirements of the specific job they are doing.

Polaris Plus, the new Dual-Beam version of its award-winning Polaris (the top selling cap lamp in the mining industry with over 100,000 lamps sold) was on display at MINExpo. NLT is currently accepting orders for the new Polaris Plus cap lamp. In Q4 2022, Dual-Beam will be available in all of NLT’s cap lamps, including its Smart Lamps, which hold tracking and/or proximity tags.

Consistent with the NLT Lighting Solutions suite of products, the new Dual-Beam lamps will offer the highest-quality, most cost-effective replaceable battery and cap lamp on the market. Each NLT lamp lasts an average of 5 years and has an inexpensive replacement kit available that can renew it for another 5 years, lowering the total cost of ownership.

To learn more about NLT’s Dual-Beam Cap Lamps, contact Rich Humber at 416-886-9774 or