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NLT Australia Pty Ltd was formed in Jan 2005 by Managing Director, Tim Haight. The company has grown from a sales and support operation based in Queensland to its current engineering, manufacturing and service operation. NLT Australia now consists of a manufacturing facility in Brisbane with staff of  approximately 20 people.

NLT Australia is a subsidiary of the Northern Light Technologies (NLT) of Toronto, Canada. NLT also has an office in Santiago, Chile and have been in business for over 25 years.

NLT is a global leader in cap lamps, tracking and communications with a particular niche in underground coal mines. Wi-Fi communication system deployment in remote and difficult locations is a specialty of NLT Australia.


Tracking, Collision Avoidance and Proximity Detection

The NLT tracking system allows mines to tag and track personal/vehicle/assets using RFID. In the event of an emergency, using the NLT cap lamps, we use a technique called reverse tracking that allows us to get ‘GPS-like’ tracking underground. This positional information gets reported back over our Wi-Fi network to the control room operator where tracking is happening in real-time.

NLT Australia is currently in the process of working on a Collision Avoidance and Proximity Detection system. These devices will be placed on the machines and read tags that are worn by the wearer and or other vehicles alerting the operator if a person or vehicle is in the vicinity.

Longwall Solutions

Using the flexibility of wireless networks, our Compact IS Nodes can be deployed on the longwall face to enable wireless communication between personnel, machines and SCADA systems. Our IS Nodes have been deployed alongside BPLMs (Broadband Power Line Modems) to provide a primary data path for shearer communications while using the BPLM as a backup data path, if required. Adding Compact IS Nodes to the longwall face enables new possibilities for inter-personnel communication, when combined with the NLT IS VOIP handset. This mobile handset can be used by personnel walking the face, to contact CROs (Control Room Operators), dial any regular telephone or even contact other personnel with a NLT IS handset who are either at the longwall face or within range of an NLT IS Node elsewhere in the mine.

When used with the NLT Tracking Software Suite and NLT Messenger cap lamps, IS nodes on the longwall face enable PED messaging between CROs and personnel, as well as tracking of personnel along the longwall face. NLT’s products enable easier and more reliable communication in the harsh environment of the longwall, which leads to better coordination of personnel and more informed deputys and CROs. Our range of IS wireless-enabled devices continues to grow, and now includes handheld wireless video cameras with 2-way voice capability to aid in remote support and fault diagnosis between surface engineers and underground service technicians. With a wireless network installed on the longwall face, the possibilities for better and more flexible communication become endless.



Being at the forefront of design within the solid state lighting industry for the last 7 years, Empyrean Lighting has accrued a vast amount of expertise and insight into this dynamic and diverse industry.

NLT Australia is proud to be local distributor and channel partner with Empyrean to provide this exciting LED Lighting technology to our wide range of customers.

Employing cutting edge diode technology, brave new designs, and innovative controls we are constantly introducing game-changing technology and products to the market.

Why Choose Us

  • High Quality Product – over 15,000 products that reflect the epitome of LED technology and innovation
  • Lighting Design & Control – in-house lighting design combined with intelligent control solutions
  • Custom Luminaire Design – recognized as leaders in the conception, design and manufacture of custom luminaires
  • Research & Development – our products remain at the cutting edge of the LED revolution while remaining practical and affordable



NLT partners with Accutron, to bring you their world leading Ventilation and Environmental Monitoring Systems.

Today’s mines require comprehensive systems to monitor and control their ventilation processes with the flexibility to interface with any application and communication structure. Implementation of VOD (Ventilation On Demand) or any level of ventilation automation while relying on accurate and reliable field data is a crucial element of your mining operations.

Our Mine Air Quality Stations (MAQS), equipped with industry leading Accutron ultrasonic airflow sensors, offer all the features necessary with multiple communication options to meet the demands of today’s mines. From surface fan monitoring to complete environmental monitoring underground, the MAQS is simple to deploy and is the most cost effective and reliable solution in the industry.

This flexible, low-cost instrumentation is designed to function with your existing monitoring software applications and communication infrastructure.

Through a strong long standing partnership with Accutron, NLT used their strong experience in Intrinsic Safety Design to help develop the Intrinsically Safe FlowTRAX and gain approvals for use in underground coal mining.

Automate your underground mine processes, optimize your ventilation, and improve health and safety all while reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity so you can spend more time mining.


FlowTrax – Ultrasonic Airflow Sensor; Air velocity and volumetric flow in Fans, Ducts and Tunnels

FlowTrax IS – Ultrasonic Airflow Sensor for UG Coal and other Hazardous Environments

Climatrax – Multivariable Environmental Sensor; Temperature, humidity, pressure, Air density, heat stress and more.

ILR Laser – Industrial Laser Range Finder; Highly accurate and reliable tracking of distance of moving or static objects



Whether it is Mining, Civil, or Construction the ability to monitor real-time minute movements in ground strata is critical.

NLT is the manufacture partner and regional distributor for YieldPoint Digital Geotechnical Monitoring products.

YieldPoint instruments are used widely around the world in the mining and civil industries to accurately monitor ground movements and seismic damage.

Through micro-millimetre accuracy, YieldPoint instruments provide early information and trending of ground movements so you can safely monitor and control your environment.

The unique and advanced technology used in every YieldPoint instrument provides the most accurate measurements in all type of harsh and rugged applications.

The range of products includes:

  • d-Exto, fully integrated digitally instrumented Extensometer.
  • d-Cable, digitally instrumented cable, single or multi strand, plain or bulbed.
  • d-Rebar, digitally instrumented rockbolt.
  • d-Logger, for recording the digital data from the Instruments.
  • d-Mesh, Mesh Node for transmitting data from d-Logger for remote monitoring.
  • d-Reader, handheld device for reading the digital data from the Instruments locally.

The instrumentation is waterproof providing much longer service life. The unique design of YieldPoint instruments allows for fast, simple installation and minimal operation or maintenance efforts.

For monitoring multiple locations and instruments, data from each device can be recorded and transmitted for remote monitoring via a Network of d-Loggers and d-Mesh nodes.

Each YieldPoint instrument has a unique digital ID. This eliminates confusion during planning and installation, and allows the user to easily identify each instrument in a network.

Data collected from the YieldPoint sensors is easily graphically displayed to quickly identify movement behaviour and history, or critical points of failure.



NLT Australia is a certified Rajant re-seller and partner, delivering design, supply, installation and service to this world leading Mesh Network for any surface applications.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh™ networks are unlike any other offering on the market today, providing fully mobile wireless broadband connectivity that is simple, instantaneous, and fail-proof in any application—a “living” mesh solution that moves and evolves with your connectivity demands.

Through its patented Kinetic Mesh™ network, Rajant brings to life an extremely agile and adaptable wireless broadband solution that thrives in today’s diverse, ubiquitously mobile environments.

Using a combination of BreadCrumb® wireless network nodes and InstaMesh® networking software, Rajant Kinetic Mesh™ networks employ any-node to any-node capabilities to continuously and instantaneously route data via the best available traffic path and frequency—for any number of nodes, all with extremely low overhead.

Rajant BreadCrumbs can communicate with any Wi-Fi or Ethernet-connected device to deliver low-latency, high-throughput data, voice and video applications across the meshed, self-healing network.

Meet Our Staff

Tim Haight –Managing Director, Global Digital Solutions

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      G’day everyone. I guess you could say as a transplanted Canadian, I am NLT’s longest serving Australian on the headshot TimNLT Global Team! I started NLT Australia in 2005 but I have been in Australia for over 20 years now. Although, as my job and lifestyle dictates, I spend a lot of time traveling the world, when I am in country, I reside right here in Mooloolaba Queensland. Other fun facts; I love motorcycles, boating, diving and other outdoor sports like kayaking, surf skis, well, water based activities in general. I do truly believe that living life to the fullest is the only approach for me and others who I am lucky enough to share my life with!

I am a strong believer in relevant industry groups and in light of this, I am on the executive for MESCA (Mining Energy Services Council of Australia) and I have been for almost 15 years, as well serving as Councilor for the Australian Industry Group (AIG) since 2013.

My role as Managing Director of Global Digital Solutions has me responsible for all NLT Digital products and solutions including, Sales, Integration, R&D, Deployment and Support. Backed by a strong team of experts out of three facilities in Santiago Chile, Toronto Canada and Brisbane Australia we are ready and able to work with the global marketplace. I fully believe and count on this talented team of professionals I have around me and I am a leader that believes in letting the team do what they were brought in for. Although, anyone who knows me can assure you that when in a group, I do tend to voice my opinion when I feel passionate about the subject. So, feel free to ask me what NLT are good at but be prepared for a chat!

Please make contact anytime especially if you have a problem you’re interested in us solving for you.


Michael Ogrodniczek- Customer Service Manager

I was born in NSW, but grew up in Brisbane making QLD my home. I joined the army straight out of high school Micahel Ogrodniczekand it was here that I learned the values of integrity, leadership, giving everything 100% and taking care of your people. I have a background in Information Technology (IT) and Project Management; and spent 5 years in Blackwater, Central QLD working for Wesfarmers Curragh Mine in IT. I love fishing, golf (I don’t get to do this anymore), rugby union/league and more importantly spending time with my wife and 3 boys.

I joined the NLT family back in March 2012 and while my role has changed over the last 3 years, as the Customer Services Manager of Global Digital Solutions it is my job to focus on customer satisfaction with regards to NLT’s products, quality service and support. While this can be a challenging role, I enjoy the challenge of continual improvement.

With NLT, every day presents new opportunities and challenges for myself individually, and for our team of qualified engineers and technicians.


Trent Woodcock- Integration Manager

trent Woodcock“Can You Fix It?” could be my own theme song, long before Bob the Builder.

I grew up on a farm on the world famous Great Ocean Road, southwest of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Farm life was hands-on and working with heavy machinery set in place my love for mechanical solutions and interest in how things operate. I enjoyed tinkering with parts that enabled efficient and effective improvements.

I moved to the big smoke in Melbourne to advance a career in IT/Telecommunications, which was another interest of mine. My IT career developed with Telstra, in the mobility department.

After relocating to Queensland, I proved myself in a new field – High-Rise Residential & Commercial Construction- and used all of my experiences as a Project Engineer; ensuring projects were delivered with required quality and safety on time and within budget.

Then an opportunity arose with NLT Australia which fit all of my experiences – on-site production, new solutions, communications, networking, project delivery- from start to finish.  Commencing as an Engineer, I worked across all areas of the business.  When NLT Global Digital formed in mid-2014, I was made formally accountable for all Global Digital Projects to ensure delivery beyond expectations.  I have managed projects in Canada, the US, Chile and the UK in design and delivery of solutions for tunnel construction, underground coal, and metals mining.  I also work with NLT’s external partners, often innovating on-site – like at Joy Global on an Arctic Circle project.

As Global Integration Manager, I work with Sales, R&D and Engineering to come up with unique solutions and ensure they successfully roll-out to the client.

My diverse career path has helped me to be open-minded and creative in coming up with solutions for a variety of problems – give me your problem and let me see if I can fix it!

Outside of work, I love to ski, boat (fixing them rather than for recreational use) and I’m pretty mean in the kitchen, with my wife calling me the Aussie version of Jamie Oliver! At home I have renovated our home with new floating timber floors, retiled the bathrooms and laundry, replaced the kitchen and built a great outdoor entertainment area, fit with a wood fire pizza oven to enjoy the warm evenings.

If you think you have a challenge or are interested in finding out more, please contact NLT Australia, and ask for MacGyver – my other nickname.



Office Location

22 Cessna Dr. Caboolture, QLD 4510
011 +61 7 5495 2944 |

Meet Our Staff