Company History

In 1982 MIROC, a research institute for mining, approached Levitt-Safety to commercialize a Powered Air Purified Respirator integrated with a hard hat and a cap lamp that was molded into the helmet. The concept included a curved and ergonomic battery pack that conformed to your waist, an adjustable spot, and a secondary lamp in case of primary lamp failure. The colour Chevy 1957, was selected the night before a tradeshow at Canadian Tire.  Levitt-Safety formed Northern Light™ to focus on mining technology and developed the YL-2000 as the first of many products for the mining and tunnelling industry.

Known for the “Orange Cap Lamp”, for over 30 years, NLT has pioneered the development of innovative technologies for the mining industry, with solutions for safety, communications, and productivity.

With its global success with cap lamps, NLT began direct operations in Chile in 1997 in support of delivering mining innovations to the growing South American market.

In 2005, NLT was the first company to implement Wi-Fi in mines and spearheaded the adoption of a new generation of safety and productivity tools through the implementation of networking technologies in mines across the world. NLT Australia was founded in support of this and is the centre of excellence for NLT Digital.

Today, with a team that is 100 strong, NLT continues to work with operations around the world to enable success through its solutions for both hard-rock and coal mining, as well as tunnelling applications such as utilities and transportation. These include platform tools for worker safety, data infrastructure, and mine management. With three growing operations, a customer-driven approach to engineering, and a worldwide network of highly experienced distributor-partners, NLT is positioned to ensure that mines today can operate at peak productively while ensuring worker safety.