Crosslinx Transit Solutions Communication System


About Crosstown Eglinton LRT

Company: Crosslinx
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Scope: Network connectivity to 3 underground stations
Application: Portable Wi-Fi Communications through IP radios


After NLT’s success with OLRT in Ottawa, Crosslinx began to investigate an integrated NLT-based underground network that would serve many functions within the construction of the tunnel.

Crosslinx’ first goal was to provide a communications solution to the three “mining” stations of project. The system was required to provide complete uninterrupted communications between the surface staff and teams that work underground. Further technologies can be integrated at a later date.

This included monitoring of activities at the face with sensors, video/ CCTV, and retrieving real-time data from construction equipment. The first phase of the project was to implement a Wi-Fi based communications system. The motivation was to be able to monitor 24/7 when work activities were not taking place (such as at night or on weekends). Each of the three sites required a custom system, each supported by its own team, but the oversight was managed centrally, and therefore required a system with similar designs across each site.

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