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Remotely Monitor, Diagnose, and Deploy

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NLT offers a selection of CCTV and video solutions to meet modern mining needs. NLT offers Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) cameras, network infrastructure, media recorders, and media controllers. NLT integrates our video solutions with our rugged and rapidly deployable N-Connex platform to provide maximum flexibility.

NLT Offers Two PoE Cameras:

  • Fixed camera – Very cost effective, easy to deploy at scale, and easy to replace if damaged by ongoing operations.
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) – Mounting, focus, and placement planning is not necessary, as the cameras can be remotely moved or adjusted. If ongoing operations move the camera, corrections can be made. Quick installation and capability of monitoring a larger area.

Features Include:

  • Plug-and-play
  • Rapidly deployable
  • IR or low light capability option
  • IP67 solution option
  • Powered and connected to N-Connex switches, such as Distribution or Edge modules
  • Can be viewed in a browser via a web application
  • Remotely controlled via NLT Media controller, viewing 4 to 32 cameras per screen.

Existing Applications Include:

  • Paste fill and other operational monitoring
  • Enable surface personnel to view points of interest underground
  • Monitor security and ensure best practices are being upheld and adhered to
  • Visual post-incident analysis
  • Visually monitor automated heavy equipment such as scoops and haul trucks
  • Record points of transition (filling scoops, fully loading trucks) to optimize production
  • Monitor pumping station and fans – remotely verify working state
  • Access control (monitoring restricted areas)
  • Asset management and theft control
  • Monitoring the mine’s magazine
  • Traffic management
  • Expediting maintenance procedures via combined video and radio
  • Research projects – e.g. monitoring blast effects on ventilation infrastructure, blast doors, and vent doors.

NLT also offers a hand-held video capture solution that helps field workers share, diagnose, consult, and resolve issues in real time with remote experts using collaboration software.

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