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NLT is proud to be an industry expert in the design and installation of flexible communication and tracking systems for the underground tunneling industry for projects like roadways, subways, railways, hydro, and service/utility tunnels. NLT has implemented solutions for the construction and finalized phases of tunnelling projects. Our goal with any project is maximize the safety, productivity and profitability of our customers.

The cornerstone of an NLT underground communication solution is a fibre optic backbone which provides leading edge bandwidth for a multitude wireless tracking, voice, data and video applications. NLT communications systems use open-source networking protocols ensuring your system is future-friendly and expandable.

Whether it’s the implementation of voice communication, video, automated ventilation, underground internet capability or emergency evacuation technology, NLT’s industry leading solutions and applications enable its clients to expand or create an underground communication system specific to their needs, while backed by NLT proven support and expertise.

NLT engineers will work with you to design a solution that’s based on your individual needs and requirements – we offer the industry’s most reliable and durable communication solutions.

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