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Real-time Vehicle Data

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NLT offers a comprehensive solution to enable real-time management of vehicle traffic.

Real-time vehicle data such as location, payload and vehicle diagnostics can be monitored in Digital Mine Software or integrated with your existing enterprise or mine management systems. Your company can realize tremendous productivity gains using this technology.

  • Observe asset availability information
  • Monitor payload and engine diagnostic information
  • Reduce energy costs through traffic optimization
  • Streamline mine traffic to increase tons per day

The NLT Solution consists of the following components:

  • N-Connex Industrial Networks
  • NLT Bolt with Tracking Firmware
  • Vehicle Tracking Tags
  • Digital Mine Software
  • NLTV Remote Industrial Display System
  • Digital Mine Productivity Monitoring Extensions

The NLT Solution is proven to identify operational bottlenecks and increase mine output through.


Case Studies on Traffic & Vehicle Management derived from NLT Tracking:

Productivity Monitoring & Diagnosis

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