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Leaky Feeder Integration
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Leaky Feeder Integration Leaky Feeder Integration Leaky Feeder Integration


Seamless Integration with Legacy Systems

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About Leaky Feeder

Leaky Feeder systems are a mature communications technology that have enabled push-to-talk radio voice communications underground for decades. Leaky feeder systems require a significant investment of head end and cabling infrastructure to be put in place and as mines transition to network-based solutions, this asset can represent expensive disposal costs. NLT offers a solution to avoid turning existing systems into a sunk cost. For mines with very large leaky feeder systems, NLT provides seamless integration options with our Push-to-Talk, Wi-fi, Radio-over-IP (also referred to as RoIP or VoWLAN).

Integration Solution

NLT can include a specialized IP gateway that seamlessly connects legacy leaky feeder systems with NLT’s highly configurable and manageable RoIP solution. The system allows two-way communication between Wi-Fi and leaky feeder systems. Each gateway can manage 4 separate UHF/VHF channels, and for additional channels, additional gateway units can be run in parallel.

For each channel on the UHF/VHF system that is integrated into the gateway, audio is captured by the gateway, and transmitted to a pre-configured RoIP talk-group. The reverse also occurs, audio from the talk-group is transmitted via the gateway to the leaky feeder system.

What this allows mines to do is create a bridge from a legacy area of the mine where it’s deemed too costly to replace the leaky feeder infrastructure with Wi-Fi.  The mine can install Wi-Fi in the new developments use Digital VoIP radios and all that 802.11 has to offer, and bridge back to the leaky feeder area of the mine to the VHF or UHF radio system.  This means no duplication of infrastructure and one side of the mine can communicate with the other.

NLT Services

NLT specializes in the engineering, supply, and commissioning of underground networks for communication, tracking, and environmental monitoring and has successfully integrated our N-Connex solution with existing leaky feeder systems. NLT can help mines determine whether integration or replacement is the right choice for the mine and can supply the appropriate system to meet mine requirements.

To learn more about our leaky feeder integration, please fill out the form below, and an NLT representative will contact you.

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