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Compact Node IS


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Available in three models the Compact Node has all the features of Northern Light Technologies’ NetPort with the battery backup and its associated circuitry removed to significantly reduce its size. This reduction in size and weight allows for ease-of-use in tight spaces and make redeployment simple and easy. Three versions of software are available for targeted uses.

  • Relay: Designed for quick deployment where battery backup is not required; used for hot pots or to extend network coverage in areas not considered escape routes
  • Back Haul: Software application for the “last node” on the wired network; provides a transition from the fiber based network to the nodes that are strictly wireless, such as the Compact FR and the Portable Node
  • Fast Roaming: Designed to be mounted on moving or mobile equipment, such as continuous miners, shears and haulter, allowing it to freely associate with any node on the network; ideal for real-time data capture applications where hard-wired nodes are not practical



  • Radio: 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g & 5 GHz 802.11 a
  • Two Fibre Optic Ports: Multi-mode or Single-mode
  • Serial Port: RS422/RS485 Configuration


  • Combined 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Antenna Ports, N-type


  • Supply Voltage: 11V DC-13V DC
  • Supply Current: 2A DC Typical
  • External Power Supply Requirements: Min output current 3.5A DC, Output over-current protection 4A DC


  • H: 300mm (11.810”), W: 235mm (9.250”), D: 93mm (3.66”)


  • 4.4kg (9.8lbs)

Operating Ambient Temperature:

  • 0°C – 25°C


  • IP67 Compliance (Compact Node IS)/ IP55 Compliance (Compact Node IS for Longwall)

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