Networking for Harsh Environments

NLT N-Connex wifi platform

Northern Light Technologies helps build the mine of tomorrow by deploying powerful technologies for safety and productivity into mines and tunneling operations around the world. We specialize in hard-rock miningcoal mining, and tunneling, and making our partners IIoT ready. Our partners improve their operations with NLT’s Digital Mine platform which consists of network infrastructure, map-based monitoring software, and network-enabled application technologies. These applications include:

  • Productivity analytics
  • Personnel, asset, and vehicle tracking
  • Proximity and collision awareness
  • IP voice and text communications
  • Gas, airflow, strata, environmental, and sensor monitoring
  • Access control and geofencing
  • Underground information display screens
  • Video capture and CCTV
  • Remote control of fans and pumps
  • Alarms and evacuation
  • Custom report generation

These applications are achieved through a mix of 802.11 Wi-Fi, ethernet, and fibre networks. All of our products are ruggedized for harsh environments with global standards such as IP67, and we also offer a suite of intrinsically safe products for coal.

To learn more about our rugged network-based safety and productivity solutions, please contact us.