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NLT N-Connex NLT N-Connex NLT N-Connex NLT N-Connex


Networks for harsh environments.

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NLT’s newest Networking solution is designed for harsh environments such as underground mines, tunnels, prep-plants and heavy industries.

Visit n-connex.com for system detail.

N-Connex (gigabit version) uses an NLT supplied mil-spec two (2) core pre-terminated fibre for the high speed network backbone. N-Connex can also work with other fibre combinations. Access to the network is provided by N- Connex Bolt Access Points and/or PoE ports on the core Distribution module. The system is fully 802.11 compatible, therefore any WiFi or Ethernet client can function over N- Connex.

N-Connex is an IP67 rated modular solution that simplifies installation and maintenance while allowing easy expansion of the network and solutions offered. While a range of modules to suit most requirements is offered, the proprietary IP67 enclosures easily supports new functions and solutions, or new modules.

The N-Connex modules are simply clipped to the customised frame and connected via a Cat5 cable to the main Distribution module, as all devices support Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity.

Network Connectivity

N-Connex, being fully compatible with industry 802.3 and 802.11 standards supports all Ethernet and WiFi devices. NLT’s range of solutions can be used over the N-Connex network including Voice, Data and Video solutions. Some of the solutions include:

  • Voice – IP Radio Handsets and VoIP phones can be used for two-way voice communications
  • Data – network connectivity allows access to Intranets and the Internet.
  • Video – monitor critical points through your operation
  • Tracking – know where your people and assets are via WiFi (or RFID) Tracking and make use of NLT’s powerful Digital Mine Software suite.
  • Monitoring – Ventilation, Gas levels, environmental conditions or ground strata changes can all be monitored over N-Connex.
  • PLC’s – Ethernet connectivity for PLC networks to remotely control and monitor electrical equipment.



N-Connex has a variety of modules to meet clients differing needs. The key modules include:

  • Distribution – provides connectivity to a one (1) Gigabit Fibre backbone via four (4) fibre ports. Also includes eight (8) managed PoE ports.
  • Power – this module converts 110/240 VAC to 48VDC which is used to power all other modules and remote PoE devices.
  • Battery – battery backup in the event of power failure.
  • Control – Digital and Analog Input/Output capability to control and monitor electrical equipment, eg. Pumps or Fans.
  • Alarm – a module combining both a siren and strobe, as well as an initiating point for Emergency evacuation
  • Edge – a stand-alone network Switch and Access Point that eliminates the need for fibre. The Edge can also be used to provide fibre free branches on the Gigabit system. Edge provides 100Mb backbone connectivity.
  • Bolt – IP67 Access Point to provide Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the mine, tunnel or facility. The Bolt also supports Tracking firmware which enables personnel and asset Tracking.
  • Frame – the customised mounting frame supports the modules and allows easy installation and removal.
  • Custom – Electronics and harsh environments don’t mix well until now. N-Connex enclosures enable an unlimited range of hardware to be packaged to withstand the harsh conditions.

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