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Next-Gen Connectivity for your Mine

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Northern Light Technologies’ Digital Mine 5.0 Software is a fully web-based mining platform solution providing controlled global access to data, which is typically accessed with an application programming interface (API) for third-party software use. Equipment status monitors and system health are easily viewed, while personnel information can be interfaced with other systems, including card access. Any vehicle or tag movement patterns can be monitored, ensuring both the safety and efficiency of your equipment operators.

The simple, straightforward interface makes it accessible for any user. Since the data is overlaid on your actual mine plans, reporting is comprehensive and easily navigated. Digital Mine 5.0 also integrates with third-party hardware and software to provide increased functionality, with a client-input driven development.

The NLT Digital Mine™ 5.0 now offers several innovative features, including:

  • Simple, easy to learn, and intuitive user interface.
  • Map-based interface, overhauled with an easy to use Google Maps style overview to track or locate anything, including environmental monitoring points
  • Global Search – find anything tracked in the mine with a few keystrokes. The status of personnel with Messenger ™ lamps can now be viewed in real-time
  • Map Administration is easily managed on-site – no external support required to add or update information
  • Zone Management for any shape or area can be easily created in seconds, regardless of the landscape
  • The Reporting of tracking information is at your fingertips and simplifies the presentation of data

The NLT Digital Mine™ 5.0 also boasts several cutting-edge applications that increase not only safety, but overall operator productivity. It only takes one click to see where your people or commodities are – and if they’re where they should be. Easy messaging allows you to immediately contact specific zones or crews, and confirm whether they’ve received the message, eliminating the ambiguity of previous communication systems.





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