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The next Generation of cap lamps

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The Northern Light® Falcon cap lamp is an IP67, Proximity Warning ready and Wi-Fi tag enabled corded cap lamp with best in class LED and lithiumion battery technology. The Falcon cap lamp has a headpiece connected via a lamp cord to a high powered battery pack. The battery pack is mounted on the waist of the miner. A rear facing blue LED “tail-light” is mounted along the lamp cord for identification of the wearer from behind. The headpiece has 3 push-buttons and is designed for integration with IoT technology.

Features of the Northern Light® Flacon:

• Base model includes Wi-Fi tracking and blue flashing tail-light. Proximity electronics options available via select NLT partners (contact for more info)
• 3 pushbuttons – 1 pushbutton to control the light and 2 side pushbuttons for third-party integration.`
• Base-model includes Wi-Fi or RFID tag for location tracking of personnel and access control.
• Blue LED on the lamp cord. Rear-facing “tail-light” enables visibility of the user from behind.
• Online/Offline indicator
• Acknowledgement of evacuation notifications.



More Info on NLT Tracking:

NLT Wi-Fi Tracking

Please refer to datasheet.

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